and now im  back to say

Im going away for good. 

Its been a big year so far, there were unexpected losses, new babies to cuddle and old demons that knocked on my door, all of these shook me in different ways and it took me a while to find which direction was up. I lost my blogging and some of my crafting mojo, so now Ive decided on a new start, and I wanted a pretty one so HERE I am now. Come visit me, if anyone still visits here.

Right here – Twiddleybitz.


Mum is off back to France on thursday. ( all my family like to live far away from me) . Its been great having her here and  I miss her when she is gone but Wow id leave everyone too if I got to live in France!! so anyway still slack with the update but i have good reason!!

A post with pics is coming – its just waiting with slow power while it uplaods is really giving me the ‘its, so will have to wait till I get fast power tomorrow, but may not happen then as I turn THIRTY!!!!


Wow check out this shop I just landed on whilst surfing! I want badly The rooster onsie and the possum! yum!!!!!

There is no key



I’m not the only one creating ( his new favourite place is perched up next to me on my table, helping me use my guaranteed hour)

Always the artist


First of all, I was sent to this amazing blog, via ready steady scrap, Wow! I love it! She is having a candy away as well, I keep seem to be stopping on stamping pages lately.

I tried my hand at puzzle sketches sketch, not sure about it, I had it in so many different ways but its done anyway. 

123 is 4 me!


Have finally taken over more then half of the bedroom and set my self up with a non dining room need to pack it up every three seconds crafty space!! I love it so. ( pictures are shocking I know, will try for better ones after it gets good lookin! bottom one is me trying to panorama its but so I could get closer!) The desk is the Door that was on the house when we brought it. Just have to get it looking good now!! Loving having my own space, and Rod and I are trying to come to an agreement where on alternate days we each have an hour each to disappear into our respective creative spaces ( Rod turned the garage into a studio where he can play his guitars to his hearts content!)

Tried my hand at a small OTP tonight a canvas reminding me just to create, ill get pics tomorrow in the day light. Sorry for such a higgeldy pigeldy post, Im all over the place tonight!

Wow beautiful!

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